Most Commonly Asked Questions

Following is a list of the most frequently asked questions including their best answers to help you better address your questions and concerns that you may have. There you go;

Can I hire a developer for hourly or project-based tasks?

Yes, you can hire our dedicated developers based on the number of hours or tasks if you know what you need them to do. Our hiring model can also be changed or adjusted later on when required.

Can I hire a developer on a weekly basis?

Our contract comes with complete flexibility, so you can hire software developers on a weekly & monthly basis, depending on your project needs and requirements.

What are the work hours when I hire programmers?

When there is an urgent requirement, we are open to extending the working hours of the hired developer if needed. However, you can generally hire our dedicated developers to work 40 hours per week and 160 hours per month.

How do you handle violations of confidentiality and copyright?

We sign an NDA with a mutual agreement before starting the project. If there is any violation, we take full responsibility for protecting your business data and information using high-security standards.

How to choose a web development company with the right software developers?

Choosing a company with a team of passionate IT experts is the best way to get quality delivery cost-effectively and with the best software developers that meet your business goals and objectives at affordable prices.

The software development company you choose should have:

  • At least 5-10 years of industry experience
  • Have built at least 100+ websites and apps
  • A team of certified software developers
  • Strong testimonials and work portfolio
  • Quality of work
How can I make payments to Acute Infosoft?

We offer flexible payment options so that you can make payments via PayPal, Wire Transfer, or credit card. And you will be charged per month according to the start date of your project work.

Do you offer digital marketing services?

Yes, we provide complete digital marketing services, including SEO, SEM, PPC, Google Ads, content writing & marketing, copywriting, social media marketing, brand building, etc.

What types of IT experts are you able to fill?

We can fill different types of roles for web & mobile or digital marketing projects with the help of our proficient team of IT experts covering software developers, web designers, digital marketing experts, and salespersons.

How can I choose the right service for me if I’m not sure?

Whether you are looking for a custom software solution or a solution that meets your business requirements, our experts will be happy to help you choose the best-fit service that your business needs.

How much average experience does your team have?

The majority of our IT team has experience ranging from 3-5 years; however, there are many top-rated developers, designers, and marketing specialists with solid experience ranging from 5 to 8 years in the sphere of the IT field.

Will the hired developer work dedicatedly only for me?

Yes, the developer you hire from Acute Infosoft will work exclusively for you, just like other in-house employees.

Will you replace my developer if I am not satisfied with the performance?

Yes! If we observe a performance issue on the end of your developer, we will replace the assigned developer to meet your custom business needs and project requirements with utmost satisfaction.

What should be the minimum size of a team I have to hire?

The hiring process we follow at Acute Infosoft is not restricted. You can hire a single developer or a team of developers, depending on your project & business requirement. If you are not sure about your project needs, please email us at sales@acuteinfosoft.com. One of our sales specialists will reach out to you on an urgent basis to assist with the hiring process and make it more convenient with ease of mind.